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Welcome to the official website for University Eye Associates, where skill, experience and state-of-the-art technologies come together to offer a lifetime of better eye health and visual clarity for your whole family.  We have 3 locations throughout Charlotte, Harrisburg and Davidson, NC to provide optimal convenience for individuals and families throughout the area.


Optometry Services in Charlotte, Harrisburg(Rocky River) and Davidson NC

We offer not one optometrist but a team of 9 experienced practitioners throughout our Charlotte, Harrisburg(Rocky River) and Davidson locations. Our optometry services include:

Eye and Vision Exams

Everyone should have regular eye exams and vision tests. Our comprehensive eye exams cover eye function, detect diseases and disorders that threaten your eyesight, and measure refractive errors such as astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia. If you need corrective lenses, we can determine your ideal prescription and keep it updated through future testing.

Glasses and Contact Lenses

We offer a wide range of eyeglasses in fashionable styles to suit every taste and budget, including many different lens options from polarization to progressive multifocals. You can also count on our optometry center for soft, GP, and/or medically necessary contact lenses.

Contact Lens Exams

Contact lens exams give us the additional measurements and other data we need to determine whether contacts are right for you and ensure the best possible fit and visual clarity.

Children's Vision

Children need to have their eyes checked from infancy to detect any diseases, anatomical abnormalities or functional problems that prevent the eyes and brain from developing in tandem. Your optometrist will keep a close eye on your child's eye health and visual acuity.

Low Vision

If your vision is impaired to the point that you cannot see objects or read, our low vision options can help. We offer a variety of magnifiers and other optical devices to help you see more clearly.

Sports Vision

Great athletic performance requires great eyesight. We are the official team eye care provider for the UNCC 49ers and also serve on the sports medicine team for the Davidson Wildcats.  You can rely on us for contacts, safety glasses and other sports-friendly options.

Urgent Eye Care

If you suffer an eye emergency, we have an eye doctor standing by 24/7 to provide urgent care. Examples include foreign objects driven into the eye, sports injuries and acute pain or redness.

Laser Eye Surgery Co-management

Our optometry clinic is affiliated with The Laser Center (TLC), our trusted resource for laser eye surgery. If you need such surgery, we will refer you to an eye surgery specialist while administering pre-operative and post-operative surgery co-management. 

Schedule Eye Exams or Other Eye Care at University Eye Associates

Don't just explore our website -- experience our expertise in person! Call your preferred location to schedule eye exams with an optometrist on our team at (704) 547-1551!


Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Love them. Excellent care and friendly staff!
    Will always refer them."
    Nicole D.
  • "Great friendly staff, convenient locations, been a
    patient for over 35 years... my children, grandchildren,
    all love the doctors and staff at
    University Eye Associates!"
    Diane S.
  • "Hassle-free visit and friendly service...
    what more can you ask for?""
    Scott B.
  • "Everyone in the office, from front desk to assistants
    to doctors to optical shop staff, are Lovely. They are
    knowledgeable and kind, not to mention
    patient with our kids. I am grateful for this resource."
    Joan A.
  • "Dr. Eyler has been our eye dr for over 20 yrs. Out-
    standing!! The office looks amazing! As always, the
    staff was helpful, friendly, and we feel
    like we're going to the BEST!!"
    Jesse P.
  • "You've always been great to me! You all have that per-
    sonal touch, which I love and appreciate. I don't feel
    like we are being herded like cattle through my
    appointment and barely being able to express my
    concerns. I will always come back there!"
    Marcella M.
  • "We have been going to University Eye
    for many years and LOVE it!
    Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff"
    Cheryl G.
  • "Highly recommend this practice. Everything is done
    professionally and timely and always courteously"
    Andre R.
  • "Words can not explain how NICE everyone in this office isIIII I come from a long line of family members, including myself who work in healthcare. They are wonderful, professional, caring and kid friendly, considering I had three of my four children being seen. I would recommend them hands down."
    Stephanie D.

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