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Dry Eye And The Benefits of Lipiflow

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that affects millions of Americans. It causes dryness and itchiness in the eyes, which can be very uncomfortable and cause blurry vision. If you are experiencing dry eye syndrome, visit our optometry experts to determine the cause and provide effective solutions. One of the solutions for dry eyes is LipiFlow. If you live in or around Charlotte, Davidson, or Harrisburg (Rocky River), contact our team at University Eye Associates to learn more about our treatment for dry eyes.


There are several treatment options to manage dry eye syndrome. The most successful option is LipiFlow. This innovative treatment has proved effective in treating meibomian gland dysfunction, which causes dry eyes. The treatment provides inner and outer lid therapy which alleviates the causes of dry eyes.

Long-lasting Relief

LipiFlow provides long-term relief for conditions like dry eyes by removing the blockages. Some cases of dry eye are chronic, so patients need to return for additional treatments over time. The treatment and results can vary depending on the individual condition, but most patients report relief from dry eyes within four to eight weeks after the treatment.

Fast Recovery

Unlike other treatment options, LipiFlow doesn’t require any downtime. This means that you can get back to your regular daily activities immediately after the treatment. The treatments take approximately twelve minutes for each eye.

Visit University Eye Associates for Lipiflow Treatment

If you are looking for a natural, effective, painless, and long-lasting treatment for your dry eyes, our eye doctors at University Eye Associates are here to help. We provide dry eye treatment for residents in and around Charlotte, Davidson, and Harrisburg (Rocky River). Contact our team today to schedule a consultation with one of our optometrists at University Eye Associates.

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