Prescription Lenses

The increasing use of pixelated screens is causing more people to rely on eyeglasses to see clearly. Our world is full of screens, and while ready readers provide a solution, it is only temporary. Optometrists recommend a comprehensive eye exam once per year to check for eye health issues and to maintain your vision correction prescription. Our team at University Eye Associates will make sure that you get the glasses or contact lenses that you need to see clearly. If you live in Charlotte, Davidson, Harrisburg (Rocky River), or the surrounding areas, contact us today to schedule your next eye exam.


Invest in Prescription Lenses

Apart from the obvious ability to correct vision problems, the corrective lenses provide other benefits including:

  • Psychological benefits: Many people who wear glasses think of them as a fashion accessory. They even make some people feel more confident. Our team will help you choose a frame that flatters your face shape and skin tone.
  • Customized to one’s lifestyle: Your lenses can be customized to suit your lifestyle. For example, people who spend long hours using pixelated screens can get lenses to support their eyes by blocking blue light. We can also prescribe a different set of lenses for outdoor enthusiasts or those who drive for long hours using a polarized layer to cut down on glare.
  • Correct vision: The lenses are designed to correct symptoms associated with problems such as: myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism among others. Our optometrists prescribe lenses with the right strength to correct these refractive errors.

Types of Lenses

Traditional glasses used to be made of glass and were very heavy. Luckily, technological advances have played a critical role in developing lighter, UV-coated, and high-tech lenses. Let’s look at a few of the different types:

  • Single vision lenses: This kind is suitable for correcting one distance only and has the most extensive visual field. Optometrists prescribe single vision lenses for long-sighted and short-sighted people.
  • Multifocals lenses: These lenses correct a more comprehensive range of vision problems and are divided into two main categories: bifocals and trifocals. Traditional bifocal lenses have a subtle line that is visible in the lenses and corrects for two distances: the distance prescription is put in the top of the lenses, and the reading prescription is in the bottom. Trifocal lenses are less common and have two lines but allow for distance and reading but also add a “mid-range” prescription which is great for computer work.
  • Progressive lenses: They perform the same job as multifocals without the dividing lines. We also sometimes call these a “no-line bifocal.” As such, the transition from near to intermediate for vision correction is smoother. Most patients with different distance and reading prescriptions opt for Progressive lenses.

Get Your Prescription Lenses at University Eye Associates

Contact our team at University Eye Associates today to schedule your next eye exam with our optometrists in our Charlotte, Davidson, or Harrisburg (Rocky River) locations.

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