Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, more commonly known as amblyopia, is a condition that affects the vision of children and adults. The effects of lazy eye on children are very evident; they can cause them to develop depth perception problems and lose some degree of peripheral vision. If your child has this condition, you have a reason to schedule a meeting with an optometrist. 

University Eye Associates is a comprehensive vision care provider. That means we can diagnose and treat a wide range of eye diseases, infections, and injuries. We have a strong background in treating lazy eye and other binocular vision problems. If you or your child has amblyopia, trust this delicate condition to our knowledgeable staff. We serve the people of Charlotte, Rocky River, and Davidson.

Lazy Eye

What Is Lazy Eye? 

Amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” is a condition in which one eye has significantly weaker vision than the other. It’s a common cause of poor vision in children. Approximately 10 percent of children are born with amblyopia and may not have symptoms until later in life.

What Are the Effects of Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye is typically a mild, treatable condition. However, if left untreated, it can worsen and cause more severe symptoms. As the condition worsens, it may affect your child’s daily life by making reading difficult or preventing activities such as playing catch. This disorder may also contribute to poor school performance and poor social interactions.

Diagnosis of Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, “lazy eye,” can be detected during a comprehensive eye exam. It can sometimes go undetected at your child’s vision screenings at school or the pediatrician’s office.  Sometimes, children will have one eye that is misaligned or drifts in or out, but other times the eyes may look perfectly normal and can still have amblyopia. Diagnosis at a young age is crucial for this condition.

Lazy Eye Treatment

Depending on the severity of the lazy eye, several treatments are available. Some patients may only require glasses and/or eye drops, while others may require surgery. The goal of every lazy eye treatment is the same; to help improve vision in the weaker eye so that both eyes work together.

Visit University Eye Associates for Lazy Eye Treatment

If your child has lazy eye, they can receive the care they need at University Eye Associates. We understand that this is a delicate issue, and we are sensitive to your needs and those of your child. Contact our eye doctor in Charlotte, Rocky River, Davidson for more information about treatment options for amblyopia. Call us at (704) 547-1551 to schedule your appointment.



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