Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, more commonly known as a lazy eye, is an eye condition that can affect your child’s vision. This condition can occur in both children and adults. While it’s generally mild, it can cause vision problems without treatment. At University Eye Associates in Charlotte, our eye doctors can examine the affected eye to determine the most effective treatment for a lazy eye. These services are available at all of our locations, including the University area, Davidson, and Rocky River.

Lazy Eyes

Causes of Lazy Eye

The eyes and brain work together for vision. In some cases, however, the brain isn’t able to stimulate sight from one eye as efficiently, causing the other eye to become stronger, while the affected eye becomes weaker. This eye condition usually starts during childhood. It is important to diagnose and treat amblyopia early. If not treated early,  it can lead to permanent vision reduction and as a result affect other areas of a child’s life --such as school performance and social interactions.

Symptoms of Lazy Eye

This condition typically affects one eye, but it can occur in both eyes. Some symptoms can be hard to notice in younger children.  A few common signs and symptoms include poor depth perception, squinting, frequently closing one eye, and head tilting. The affected eye might also appear to drift or turn away. Eye screenings can catch cases early, so treatment can begin.

Lazy Eye Diagnosis

Diagnosing this condition isn’t always easy. The affected eye does not always drift, which is a noticeable visual sign of a lazy eye. Comprehensive eye exams in early childhood can help ensure that this condition is caught and treated on time. If you suspect that your child has a lazy eye, make an appointment to have their eyes checked.

Treatment for Lazy Eye

How is a lazy eye treated? This varies from person to person. Some children might need to wear glasses to correct vision problems associated with a lazy eye, such as farsightedness. Treatment may also involve training the brain to use the affected eye, which can be done with eye patches or an eye drop. In more severe cases, surgery might be recommended to correct a lazy eye. Our optometry team will advise you on the most suitable treatment for your child.

Find Lazy Eye Treatment in the Charlotte Area

Are you looking for an eye doctor near you to treat amblyopia? Contact University Eye Associates to schedule an appointment at one of our locations. We have offices in Rocky River, Davidson, and the University area for your convenience. Our optometrists can evaluate the eyes and recommend treatment if needed.

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