Pediatric Eye Exams

An Overview of Pediatric Eye Exams from University Eye Associates

It is important for every child to have access to the healthcare that he or she deserves. This includes making sure that their eyes are taken care of. At University Eye Associates, it is our goal to make sure that every child takes care of his or her vision throughout life. For this reason, we have put together this helpful piece on how an optometrist in Charlotte and Davidson can help kids maintain their eye and vision health.


The Important Parts of Pediatric Eye Care

As a family eye doctor, we are proud of our ability to treat children. When it comes to pediatric eye care, there is a misconception that children are simply small adults. This is not the case. Children's vision is very different from that of adults. First, children's eyes are still growing and developing. Therefore, there is always the potential for a child's vision to change, requiring attention. When it comes to taking care of the eyes of children, it is important for kids to see the eye doctor at least once per year to have their vision checked. There are a few key components that are going to take place when someone comes to see us for a vision screening eye exam.

Types of Eye Care Offered: The Eye Exam

When a patient comes to see us for an annual eye exam, there are a few different tasks that are going to be completed. First, our eye doctor will take a look at the visual acuity of each eye. This is where people will be asked to read a chart. Then, our eye doctor will take a look at the visual fields, making sure that someone can see clearly in all parts of the eye. Finally, the eye doctor will check the ocular pressures as well as the retina.

While preventative services are important, please know that we offer acute care services as well. If an emergency takes place, we have the tools to treat it appropriately. Count on us to take care of your vision.

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At University Eye Associates, we are proud to be a pediatric eye doctor. Everyone should have access to an optometrist in Charlotte and Davidson. We are proud of the fact that we can provide an eye exam to patients of all ages. We would be happy to take care of your family as well. If you are looking for a pediatric eye doctor, contact us today to make an appointment by calling us at 704-547-1551 in University, at 704-896-9090 in Davidson, or at 704-536-6042 in Rocky River. We would be honored to take care of your family's vision needs.

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