Pink Eye

Pink Eye Treatment at University Eye Associates

Pink eye is one of the most common eye infections that affects children and adults. This condition can affect one or both eyes and has several causes. Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, results from the inflammation of the conjunctiva that causes swelling of blood vessels in the membrane, making the eye appear pink or red. University Eye Associates in Davidson, Harrisburg (Rocky River), and University (Charlotte), NC, is here to explain pink eye symptoms and how we can treat them.

Pink Eye

Pink Eye Symptoms

The most noticeable symptom of pink eye is the inflammation that causes your eyes to appear pink or red. Those suffering from pink eye may also experience tearing,  itching , light sensitivity, gritty sensations in the eyes, and blurry vision. Pink eye can also cause a yellow, green, or white discharge that crusts over the eyelashes. You should contact your optometrist near you for prompt diagnosis and treatment if you experience these symptoms.

Pink Eye Causes

Pink eye has multiple causes, including viruses, bacteria, allergies, and irritation. More severe medical conditions, such as autoimmune and sexually transmitted diseases, can also cause pink eye in some instances. Viral and bacterial pink eye are highly contagious; therefore, precautions and limiting contact with others should be taken when with these types of pink eye.. Bacterial pink eye typically causes more mucous discharge than the viral form.

Pink Eye Treatments

The treatment for your pink eye will depend on the cause and severity of the condition. Our optometrist can provide the following treatment for your pink eye:

•             Virus: Pink eye caused by a virus is more common among adults than children. This form tends to be mild and resolves independently. Although there is no specific treatment to sure viral pink eye, we can recommend treatment to ease symptoms as needed. You should also frequently wash your hands, avoid touching the eyes, and change towels and linens to reduce the spread of pink eye.

•             Bacteria: The primary treatment for bacterial pink is an antibiotic eye drop.. This treatment works quickly and effectively. .

•             Allergies: Allergies often cause mild forms of pink eye. The primary treatments are allergy medications such as antihistamines and cold compresses. These can help prevent the allergens from contacting the eyes.

•             Irritation: Pink eye can result from your eye encountering a foreign object. Mild cases of irritation can resolve itself, more severe case can cause permanent damage and result in mucous discharge, blurry vision and eye pain.. The primary treatment is washing the eyes and using artificial tears. Some serious cases may need to be treated with antibiotic or even steroid drops. .

The best prevention for conjunctivitis is to avoid those who are contagious, wash your hands, change linens frequently, and not share linens, contacts, and makeup with others.

Get Treatment for Your Pink Eye Today at University Eye Associates

Pink eye can cause several frustrating symptoms that significantly impact the lives of you and the people around you. Contact University Eye Associates in Davidson, Harrisburg (Rocky River), and University (Charlotte), NC, to get the treatment necessary to feel like yourself again. Call us and schedule an appointment today at our Davidson office at (704) 896-9090, our Harrisburg (Rocky River) office at (704) 536-6042, or our University (Charlotte) office at (704) 547-1551.

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