Urgent Eye Care FAQs

At University Eye Associates, we recommend you schedule annual eye exams to maintain optimal sight. For serious eye or vision problems in between exams, contact us for urgent eye care. These FAQs from our optometrist provide greater insight into situations that require urgent eye care.


What situations warrant urgent eye care?

Eye emergencies can happen at any time. If you experience any of the following situations, contact our Charlotte optometrist for immediate care:

  • Eye injuries that cause lacerations in or around your eye
  • Chemical burns in your eyes
  • Sharp substances like pieces of glass in your eye
  • Traumatic impact that causes severe bruises around your eye
  • Severe eye infections and inflammation

What are some symptoms of urgent eye care injuries or conditions?

Pain is one of the greatest indicators of the need for urgent eye care. Pain could be a sign of a serious eye injury, infection or disease that needs immediate treatment before permanent damage is caused. Other symptoms that indicate the need for urgent eye care include:

  • Burning eyes
  • Sudden, unexplained vision loss
  • Loss of eye focus or uneven eye movements
  • Bruising or bleeding in or around your eye
  • Severe itching or inflammation
  • New or severe headaches
  • Sudden appearance of flashes of light
  • Severe eye redness that’s accompanied by changes in vision or sensitivity to light

What should you do if you get chemicals in your eyes?

Alkali chemicals like ammonia, potassium hydroxide, and lye can cause serious damage to your eyes. These chemicals can be found in many household cleaning products. If these substances accidentally splash in your eyes, thoroughly flush your eyes with water or saline for 10-15 minutes. Then see your optometry specialist or go to the emergency room as soon as possible for treatment.  

What kinds of conditions cause sudden vision loss?

Abrupt, noticeable changes in your vision or loss of vision can be caused by serious conditions like retinal detachment, stroke, nerve damage, corneal swelling, or infections. Contact our optometry specialist immediately if you experience these symptoms. We’ll provide you with an accurate diagnosis so you can get the treatment you need to save your sight.

Are eye infections dangerous?

Mild eye infections like pink eye often resolve on their own with over the counter medications. Other eye infections can be quite serious and put you at risk for permanent vision loss. If your infection is accompanied by redness, sensitivity to light, vision changes, and pain, contact our optometrist for emergency care.

See Our Charlotte Optometry Specialist for Urgent Eye Care

For routine and emergency eye care services you can trust, contact University Eye Associates, serving residents in Charlotte, Harrisburg (Rocky River), and Davidson, at (704) 547-1551 today.

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