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When to Seek Emergency Eye Care

When to Seek Emergency Eye Care

Emergency eye care is vital in certain situations to prevent long-term damage to your eyes. But who do you call in an eye health emergency? We can assist you at University Eye Associates at one of our three locations in Charlotte, Davidson, and Rocky River. Find out what you can expect with emergency eye care services. 


What is an Eye Care Emergency?

If you have severe pain in your eye without any obvious reason for it, this is a cause of concern of something happening inside of your eye. If you experience blurry or double vision, or your eyes are leaking fluid or blood. And if there is swelling or itching in and around your eye that is preventing you from being able to see, then each of these constitutes an eye emergency and require medical attention. Seek help from eye doctors on staff at University Eye Associates.

Should I Go to an Optometry Center for Urgent Eye Care Services?

Yes, you should see an optometrist if you have urgent eye care needs. An optometrist is an eye doctor who is trained to do everything to your eye except complete eye surgery. This type of eye doctor is similar to a general family doctor, in that they are able to treat most conditions involving the eye or vision. If you do need to get eye surgery your optometrist is trained to provide you with referrals to eye surgeons.

What Should I Expect for an Emergency Eye Care Appointment?

To make sure you are prepared for an emergency eye care appointment, check out our new patient center online. We provide the paperwork you will need to fill out and submit or bring along to your appointment. This will ensure everything is in order before you leave for your appointment. 

Contact Our Charlotte Optometrist Today!

As your Charlotte optometrist, we offer emergency eye care services at University Eye Associates. Schedule your appointment at any of our three locations in University, Davidson, and Rocky River. One of our nine eye doctors will be ready to assist you with urgent care. Contact 704-547-1551 for University, 704-896-9090 for Davidson, and 704-536-6042 for Rocky River.

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