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Eye Exams For Kids

Eye Exams for Kids In Charlotte NC

Eye exams are important, especially for little ones. At University Eye Associates in Charlotte NC, we check young patients for refractive error, eye disease and more. As a parent, it's important for you to understand the benefits of eye exams for kids, and know when it's time to take your child to the eye doctor.

Kid Eye Exams

Benefits of Pediatric Eye Exams

There are many benefits of pediatric eye exams, including:

  • Improved performance in school.
  • Improved coordination.
  • Fast treatment for eye diseases.

Taking your child to the eye doctor before age one is especially important. Catching eye diseases early can help your child make a full recovery from eye conditions.

What to Expect from a Pediatric Eye Exam

Your child's pediatric eye exam will check for three things, including:

  • Eye health. Your child's optometrist will check your child's eyes for diseases like cataracts, eye cancer, macular degeneration and glaucoma. If your child's eye doctor discovers any of these conditions, he or she will recommend treatment.
  • Refractive error. Your child's eye doctor will check your child for visual clarity. During this stage of the exam, the eye doctor may even be able to determine whether or not your child will need glasses when he or she is older. If your child is old enough to wear glasses, the eye doctor will write a prescription for corrective lenses, if needed.
  • Eye function. The optometry specialist will check your child's eyes for proper eye function, like ability to perceive depth and ability to see color.

When to Seek a Pediatric Eye Exam

Children need to see the eye doctor starting at age six months. Your child should also see the eye doctor if he or she displays symptoms of eye problems, such as pinkness in the eyes, itchiness, light sensitivity or discomfort.

Contact Your Child's Eye Doctor in Charlotte NC

At University Eye Associates, we give children of Charlotte NC comprehensive eye exams. To make an appointment for your child's eye exams, contact us today.

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