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Pediatric Eye Exams

Charlotte, Harrisburg (Rocky River) and  Davidson Pediatric Eye Exams Protect Your Child's Vision

Young boy happy with his pediatric eye exam in Charlotte

As our children develop in the Charlotte, Harrisburg (Rocky River) and Davidson areas, it is important we monitor their progress. We take them to a medical doctor for routine physical exams. We'll visit a dentist to ensure teeth are strong, straight and healthy. We have them tested at school to measure the progression of their education. The same should be done for their vision. Seeing an optometrist early and regularly through childhood can measure and protect your child's vision, helping them in coordination, education and in sports.

What to Expect From a Pediatric Eye Exam

At University Eye Associates, we understand that a special approach needs to be taken during a pediatric eye exam. We make every effort to provide a comfortable, non-threatening experience for your child. Our doctors of optometry work very well with children, keeping them relaxed and even amused. For families living in the Charlotte, Harrisburg (Rocky River), and Davidson areas, University Eye Associates has become the popular choice for pediatric eye exams.

Purpose of Your Charlotte Area Pediatric Eye Exams

It should not be surprising that as children age, their eyesight can change rapidly. These changes can be detected through regular eye exams at University Eye Associates. Exams can also determine the presence of diseases like retinoblastoma, cataracts and glaucoma. It is valuable in the early detection of lazy eyes, crossed eyes, and reduced visual acuity. If vision correction is needed, we offer a variety of stylish and durable frames and scratch resistant lenses. 

When Should You Schedule a Pediatric Eye Exam?

You should have your child's vision examined at specific points in their development.

  • Infants should have their first eye exam at about six months of age. This can help determine any vision problems that may affect hand-eye coordination
  • Another exam should be scheduled at 3 years of age as the child improves balance and hand-eye coordination
  • The next exam should be made prior to attending school at 5 or 6 years old
  • From that point, it is advisable children get an annual exam prior to the start of each school year

Call University Eye Associates for an Appointment Today

To schedule a pediatric eye exam for your child, call University Eye Associates today. Our Charlotte/University area team can be reached at (704) 251 - 6476. For those closer to our Davidson office, call 704-896-9090. If our Harrisburg (Rocky River) office is more convenient, call 704-536-6042.

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